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cooking utensils click to hear : cooking utensils

Utensils used for cooking food, especially in the oven or on the stove.
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dripping pan terrine roasting pans fish poacher lid rack tajine

dripping pan click to hear : dripping pan

Slightly concave rectangular pan used to roast meat or to catch the meat’s cooking juices.

terrine click to hear : terrine

Container with a perforated lid that allows steam to escape; it is designed for cooking recipes with or without jelly.

roasting pans click to hear : roasting pans

Somewhat deep large-capacity utensils used to roast meat in the oven.

fish poacher click to hear : fish poacher

Oblong receptacle that has a rack and a cover; it is used to cook whole fish.

lid click to hear : lid

Removable part that covers the fish poacher during cooking.

rack click to hear : rack

Perforated sheet; the hooks allow it to be lifted so that, once cooked, the fish can be drained and removed.

tajine click to hear : tajine

Varnished earthenware dish with a cone-shaped airtight lid used in the Maghreb to cook an eponymous dish.