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bony fishes click to hear : bony fishes

Fish with smooth flat scales and a rigid skeleton; the various species make up the largest group of fish.
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smelt sea bream anchovy herring sardine goatfish

smelt click to hear : smelt

The somewhat oily cucumber-scented flesh is the main part eaten, but the head, bones, tail and eggs are also considered edible; it is most often simply gutted and fried.

sea bream click to hear : sea bream

Its delicate lean white flesh can be prepared in many ways although the simplest are the best; it is delicious smoked, in sashimi or in ceviche.

anchovy click to hear : anchovy

Very popular in Mediterranean countries, this highly perishable fish is often preserved in brine, oil or salt and sold in cans or jars.

herring click to hear : herring

One of the world’s most harvested species, it is sold fresh as well as canned, marinated, salted and smoked; it can replace mackerel in most recipes.

sardine click to hear : sardine

Related to the herring, it is often canned (in oil, tomato sauce or white wine) and is eaten with bread, as is or with lemon juice.

goatfish click to hear : goatfish

In spite of its many bones, it is highly prized, especially in southern France, for its particularly delicate flavor.