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bony fishes click to hear : bony fishes

Fish with smooth flat scales and a rigid skeleton; the various species make up the largest group of fish.
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swordfish gurnard mackerel lamprey eel

swordfish click to hear : swordfish

The highly prized flesh becomes easier to digest if it is poached before being prepared; the tail and fins are also edible.

gurnard click to hear : gurnard

Somewhat lean, it is often used in soups such as bouillabaisse and in fish stews; it is also excellent baked, poached, fried or smoked.

mackerel click to hear : mackerel

Traditionally served with gooseberry chutney, its somewhat oily flesh spoils rapidly if not eaten promptly.

lamprey click to hear : lamprey

The flavor of its oily boneless flesh is more delicate than the eel’s; lamproie à la bordelaise is a famous French gourmet recipe.

eel click to hear : eel

Prized in Europe and Asia for its delicate firm oily flesh; its excess fat is removed when it is skinned.