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bony fishes click to hear : bony fishes

Fish with smooth flat scales and a rigid skeleton; the various species make up the largest group of fish.
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mullet shad bass carp perch pike

mullet click to hear : mullet

Excellent hot or cold, it is well suited to all cooking methods; its eggs are used to make boutargue provençale and the Greek taramosalata (a creamy spread).

shad click to hear : shad

Acidic ingredients such as sorrel and rhubarb are often used to prepare its somewhat oily, tender flesh; the bones of the female are more easily removed.

bass click to hear : bass

Rarely found for sale, this sport fishing species has lean flaky flesh that is well suited to all cooking methods.

carp click to hear : carp

Soaking in vinegar water will make the sometimes muddy taste of the wild varieties disappear; it is especially prized for its tongue and lips.

perch click to hear : perch

Related to the pike perch, it is often poached, steamed or floured and fried in butter; its bony flesh has a delicate flavor.

pike click to hear : pike

The flesh sometimes has a slightly muddy taste that disappears with soaking; because it has many bones, it is often made into pâtés or quenelles.