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cartilaginous fishes click to hear : cartilaginous fishes

Fish with skeletons made of cartilage rather than bones; their flesh usually contains no bones.
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sturgeon skate smooth hound larger spotted dogfish

sturgeon click to hear : sturgeon

This freshwater or saltwater fish of imposing size is prized for its firm flesh and its eggs, which constitute the true caviar.

skate click to hear : skate

Its pinkish or whitish boneless flesh must be cooked until it is no longer viscous or gelatinous; the main edible parts are the wings (pectoral fins).

smooth hound click to hear : smooth hound

Shark of the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific; its white flesh has a faint smell of ammonia that disappears with cooking.

larger spotted dogfish click to hear : larger spotted dogfish

Shark of the Mediterranean and Atlantic; it tastes best if cooked when very fresh and served with a flavorful sauce.