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crustaceans click to hear : crustaceans

Aquatic invertebrates having a carapace over their bodies; they are sold live, frozen (raw or cooked) or canned.
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lobster spiny lobster scampi crab crayfish shrimp

lobster click to hear : lobster

To ensure maximum freshness, the lobster should be cooked live, by plunging it into boiling liquid.

spiny lobster click to hear : spiny lobster

Spiny-shelled crustacean whose flesh is slightly less flavorful than the lobster’s; the tail is the only part that is commonly found for sale, either raw or cooked.

scampi click to hear : scampi

Rarely sold live, it resembles a small lobster but has more delicate flesh; it is often served with garlic butter.

crab click to hear : crab

Sometimes sold live and cooked like the lobster, its lean stringy flesh, its liver and the creamy substance under the shell can all be eaten.

crayfish click to hear : crayfish

Small freshwater crustacean usually prepared like lobster; only the tail is eaten and its pinkish-white flesh is lean and delicate.

shrimp click to hear : shrimp

Delicious hot or cold; although many prefer them deveined, the intestine (the dark vein running along the back) is edible.