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mollusks click to hear : mollusks

Usually marine-dwelling, soft-bodied invertebrates; some have shells and are sold live.
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flat oyster cupped Pacific oyster blue mussel razor clam limpet

flat oyster click to hear : flat oyster

Less common than the cupped oyster, with a completely flat lower shell; the belon variety is particularly prized.

cupped Pacific oyster click to hear : cupped Pacific oyster

Juicy and meaty, with a well-developed lower shell; like all oysters, it is often eaten raw, either plain or with lemon juice.

blue mussel click to hear : blue mussel

Fresh mussels are usually poached in broth or steamed until they open; those that fail to open should be discarded.

razor clam click to hear : razor clam

Elongated mollusk of the clam family, with a shell sharp enough to cut skin, hence its name.

limpet click to hear : limpet

It has a single shell and is eaten raw with lemon juice or vinegar, or grilled, with butter.