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kitchen image

Cooking, the main activity in a kitchen, includes anything to do with preserving, preparing or eating food.

packaging image

Anything to do with the packing or wrapping of food, whether to sell, cook, freeze or preserve it.

kitchen image

Room where meals are prepared.

glassware image

Drinking receptacles; some are used to measure volume for cooking.

dinnerware image

Receptacles of various sizes, shapes and materials used to present food and for eating it.

cooking utensils image

cooking utensils
Utensils used for cooking food, especially in the oven or on the stove.

silverware image

Utensils used at the table, generally knives, forks and spoons, to which other utensils may be added, depending on the menu.

coffee makers image

coffee makers
Utensils used to brew coffee; each of the various models produces coffee that has a distinctive flavor.