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packaging click to hear : packaging

Anything to do with the packing or wrapping of food, whether to sell, cook, freeze or preserve it.
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plastic film waxed paper aluminum foil parchment paper freezer bag pouch

plastic film click to hear : plastic film

Transparent adhesive sheet used to wrap food or cover containers.

waxed paper click to hear : waxed paper

Waterproof paper treated with wax or paraffin that is somewhat heat resistant; it is used mainly to protect work surfaces while cooking.

aluminum foil click to hear : aluminum foil

Very thin sheet of aluminum used to wrap, cook, refrigerate or freeze food.

parchment paper click to hear : parchment paper

Greaseproof and heat-resistant paper; primarily used in baking and for cooking en papillote.

freezer bag click to hear : freezer bag

Airtight bag used to freeze food.

pouch click to hear : pouch

A small bag.