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cuts of pork click to hear : cuts of pork

Pieces taken from a pig carcass, the most tender of which come from the loin (back); the side (belly), leg (butt) and shoulder are the least tender parts.
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ground pork spareribs hock smoked ham loin chop roast

ground pork click to hear : ground pork

It is made from various parts of the pig and is very tender; it is used especially to make stuffed vegetables and metalloid.

spareribs click to hear : spareribs

They comprise sections of rib taken from the back and the attached muscles; North American-style Chinese cooking usually serves them with sweet-and-sour sauce.

hock click to hear : hock

Also called "e&shank end"e&, it comes from the lower section of the pig’s front or hind leg; it is used to make the traditional pork hock stew.

smoked ham click to hear : smoked ham

Taken from the pig’s legs, this cut is preserved by smoking; it is sold as is, boned or sliced and can be prepared in numerous ways.

loin chop click to hear : loin chop

Piece composed of a bone from the rib section and the attached muscles; some, like the butterfly chop, are sold boned.

roast click to hear : roast

Piece of meat intended for roasting; the gigot, taken from the hind section of the carcass, is the best-known cut and is a traditional Easter dish in some countries.