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cuts of lamb click to hear : cuts of lamb

Highly prized in the Middle East, lamb comes from an animal less than one year old; milk-fed lamb has a more delicate flavor than regular lamb.
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roast ground lamb lamb cubes shank chop

roast click to hear : roast

Piece of meat intended for roasting, usually from the loin, leg or shoulder.

ground lamb click to hear : ground lamb

Made from various parts of the lamb, it is used especially to make Greek moussaka.

lamb cubes click to hear : lamb cubes

Their tenderness varies, depending on the section of the lamb they come from; they are used mainly to make brochettes or ragouts.

shank click to hear : shank

Section of the front or hind leg of a lamb.

chop click to hear : chop

Piece composed of a bone from the rib section and the attached muscles, generally eaten grilled.