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kitchen click to hear : kitchen

Room where meals are prepared.
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sink freezer ice cube dispenser drawer countertop pantry patio door base cabinet microwave oven cooktop refrigerator wall cabinet range hood oven footstool dinette island dishwasher

sink click to hear : sink

Basin with a water source and a drain, essential for cooking tasks.

freezer click to hear : freezer

Appliance used to freeze and preserve food.

ice cube dispenser click to hear : ice cube dispenser

Appliance with a water source that makes and distributes ice cubes.

drawer click to hear : drawer

Sliding compartment encased in a piece of furniture.

countertop click to hear : countertop

Flat work surface designed primarily to prepare food.

pantry click to hear : pantry

Storage place for food not needing refrigeration.

patio door click to hear : patio door

Window at ground level whose sliding panel serves as a door.

base cabinet click to hear : base cabinet

Storage cupboard, usually with shelves, located below the countertop.

microwave oven click to hear : microwave oven

Appliance that generates high-frequency waves to quickly heat or cook food.

cooktop click to hear : cooktop

Top surface of the oven on which heating elements are located.

refrigerator click to hear : refrigerator

Appliance for storing food at low temperatures.

wall cabinet click to hear : wall cabinet

Storage cupboard, usually with shelves, located above the countertop.

range hood click to hear : range hood

Ventilation appliance expelling or recycling air that contains cooking fumes and odors.

oven click to hear : oven

Closed part of the range, equipped with an upper heating element (broiler) and a lower heating element, in which food is cooked or heated.

footstool click to hear : footstool

Seat with legs, having neither arms nor back, of various heights.

dinette click to hear : dinette

Part of a kitchen reserved for eating meals.

island click to hear : island

Extra work surface used to prepare food.

dishwasher click to hear : dishwasher

Appliance designed to automatically wash and dry dishes.