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for cooking click to hear : for cooking

Appliances that bring raw food into contact with a heat source in order to cook them.
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microwave oven window sensor probe probe receptacle control panel handle clock timer door latch

microwave oven click to hear : microwave oven

Appliance that generates high-frequency waves to quickly heat or cook food.

window click to hear : window

Thick window for looking inside the oven.

sensor probe click to hear : sensor probe

Instrument that is inserted into food and used to check internal temperature and monitor cooking.

probe receptacle click to hear : probe receptacle

Place where the sensor probe’s plug is connected.

control panel click to hear : control panel

Panel containing the programming keys.

handle click to hear : handle

Part used to open or close the microwave oven door.

clock timer click to hear : clock timer

Displays either real time or the programmed cooking time.

door click to hear : door

Movable part that closes the microwave oven.

latch click to hear : latch

Device that opens the door when pushed.