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wave click to hear : wave

Oscillation caused by a disturbance; as it propagates through a medium (mechanical waves) or a vacuum (electromagnetic waves), it carries energy.
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mean position wavelength displacement crest trough amplitude propagation

mean position click to hear : mean position

Horizontal line around which the wave oscillates, carrying energy.

wavelength click to hear : wavelength

Distance between two consecutive crests or troughs; it corresponds to the distance traveled by the wave over time (its period).

displacement click to hear : displacement

Gap in relation to the mean position.

crest click to hear : crest

Highest point of the wave.

trough click to hear : trough

Lowest point of the wave.

amplitude click to hear : amplitude

Maximum displacement of a wave in relation to its mean position; it corresponds to the amount of energy transmitted.

propagation click to hear : propagation

Motion of a wave leaving its source.