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electromagnetic spectrum click to hear : electromagnetic spectrum

Electromagnetic waves that are classified in ascending order of energy (frequency); they propagate at the speed of light (300,000 km/s).
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visible light gamma rays X-rays ultraviolet radiation infrared radiation microwaves radio waves

visible light click to hear : visible light

Electromagnetic radiation that is perceived by the human eye and ranges from red to violet.

gamma rays click to hear : gamma rays

Electromagnetic waves of very high frequency that are emitted by radioactive bodies; they are the most radiant and harmful rays and are used especially in treating cancer.

X-rays click to hear : X-rays

Electromagnetic waves used especially in radiology; frequent exposure can be harmful.

ultraviolet radiation click to hear : ultraviolet radiation

Electromagnetic waves used especially to tan skin and in microscopy, medicine and lighting (fluorescent tubes).

infrared radiation click to hear : infrared radiation

Electromagnetic waves emitted by warm objects; their many uses include heating, medicine, aerial photography and weaponry.

microwaves click to hear : microwaves

Very short electromagnetic waves; their many applications include radar detection and microwave ovens.

radio waves click to hear : radio waves

Very long electromagnetic waves (about 1 meter) having low frequency; they are used to transmit information (television, radio).