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chemistry image

Chemistry is the study of the constitution of matter and its interactions; it has numerous applications, including biochemistry, electrochemistry and nuclear chemistry.

physics: mechanics image

physics: mechanics
Mechanics is the study of force and motion. A mechanism is defined by two forces: the driving force (effort) and the resistant force (load).

physics: electricity and magnetism image

physics: electricity and magnetism
Electromagnetism is the study of the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Its many applications include motors, loudspeakers, measurement instruments and computers.

physics: optics image

physics: optics
Optics: the scientific study of light and vision; its various applications include lenses, microscopes, lasers and fiber optics.

measuring devices image

measuring devices
Instruments for determining various quantities such as temperature, mass, height, length, voltage and mechanical force.

scientific symbols image

scientific symbols
Standardized signs that have been adopted by convention to simplify the writing of numbers, formulas and equations used in science and technology.