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physics: electricity and magnetism image

physics: electricity and magnetism
Electromagnetism is the study of the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Its many applications include motors, loudspeakers, measurement instruments and computers.

parallel electrical circuit image

parallel electrical circuit
It is divided into independent branches, through which the current flows with partial intensity (in a series circuit, all the elements receive the same intensity).

magnetism image

Action exerted by magnets and magnetic fields and phenomena. Magnetism can be characterized by the forces of attraction and repulsion between two masses.

generators image

Devices that convert mechanical energy (here, a shaft’s rotational motion) into electric energy by moving a coil inside a magnet (electromagnetic induction).

dry cells image

dry cells
Devices that transform chemical energy into electric energy (direct current); they usually cannot be recharged and the electrolyte is fixed in place.

electronics image

The scientific study of the behavior of the electron and its applications, such as computers, medicine and automation.