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packaged integrated circuit click to hear : packaged integrated circuit

Integrated circuits are used especially in microprocessors, stereo equipment, calculators, watches and electronic games.
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lid integrated circuit wire dual-in-line package connection pin

lid click to hear : lid

Cover that protects the integrated circuit in its package.

integrated circuit click to hear : integrated circuit

Miniature electronic circuit made up of a large number of components (such as transistors and capacitors); it is created on a semiconducting wafer usually made of silicon.

wire click to hear : wire

Conductive element that connects the circuit components to a connection pin.

dual-in-line package click to hear : dual-in-line package

Most common type of package currently in use for integrated circuits; it usually has between eight and 48 pins, which are evenly distributed along each side of the package.

connection pin click to hear : connection pin

Metal part that connects the integrated circuit package with the metal bands of the printed circuit to which it is soldered.