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printed circuit board click to hear : printed circuit board

Usually plastic insulated card with holes containing electronic components; the circuit is printed on its surface.
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resistors electrolytic capacitors ceramic capacitor plastic film capacitor packaged integrated circuit printed circuit

resistors click to hear : resistors

Electronic component that regulates the amount of current flowing in a circuit.

electrolytic capacitors click to hear : electrolytic capacitors

Polarized components with two conductive components (aluminum, tantalum) separated by an insulator (electrolyte); they store strong electric charge.

ceramic capacitor click to hear : ceramic capacitor

Component with two conductive plates (silver, copper) separated by an insulator (ceramic); it stores weak electric charge.

plastic film capacitor click to hear : plastic film capacitor

Commonly used component with two conductive plates (aluminum, tin) separated by an insulator (plastic); it stores electric charge.

packaged integrated circuit click to hear : packaged integrated circuit

Electric circuit under a plastic or ceramic casing; it has pins for connecting it to the circuit board.

printed circuit click to hear : printed circuit

All of the conductive metal bands on an insulated base (card), which connect a circuit’s components and allow a current to flow through it.