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measuring devices image

measuring devices
Instruments for determining various quantities such as temperature, mass, height, length, voltage and mechanical force.

measure of distance image

measure of distance
Distance: interval separating two points in space.

measure of length image

measure of length
Length: the longer dimension of an object as opposed to its width.

measure of temperature image

measure of temperature
Temperature: physical quantity corresponding to the level of heat or cold, which is measured by means of a thermometer.

measure of time image

measure of time
Time: physical quantity corresponding to a phenomenon or an event that is measured with devices such as watches and stopwatches.

measure of weight image

measure of weight
Mass: physical quantity that characterizes an amount of matter (mass) that is measured by means of a scale.

measure of thickness image

measure of thickness
Thickness: dimension corresponding to the distance between two surfaces of the same body.

measure of angles image

measure of angles
Angle: figure formed by two intersecting lines or planes; it is measured in degrees.