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vernier caliper click to hear : vernier caliper

Precision instrument for measuring the thickness and diameter of mechanical parts.
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main scale clamping block ruler vernier fixed jaw fine adjustment wheel clamping screws vernier scale sliding jaw

main scale click to hear : main scale

The divisions marked on the vernier to obtain fine measurements of 1/10 or 1/50 mm.

clamping block click to hear : clamping block

Part that chocks the vernier against the part to be measured.

ruler click to hear : ruler

Graduated instrument ending in a fixed jaw that measures the thickness or diameter of an object.

vernier click to hear : vernier

Small graduated rule that slides along the ruler and is used to read very precise measurements.

fixed jaw click to hear : fixed jaw

Tapered part at the end of the ruler that supports the object to be measured; the object is place between the two jaws, which are gently tightened.

fine adjustment wheel click to hear : fine adjustment wheel

Thumbwheel for making very fine adjustments to the sliding jaw’s position.

clamping screws click to hear : clamping screws

Screws that lock the vernier and the clamping block in their final positions in order to preserve the measurement obtained.

vernier scale click to hear : vernier scale

The divisions of equal length that are marked on the vernier and constitute the units of measurement.

sliding jaw click to hear : sliding jaw

Tapered part attached to the end of the vernier that slides along the ruler to the object to be measured.