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micrometer caliper click to hear : micrometer caliper

Instrument that measures the thickness or the diameter of relatively small parts; it produces finer results than a vernier caliper.
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ratchet knob frame anvil thimble spindle lock nut

ratchet knob click to hear : ratchet knob

Part that stops the finely threaded screw when the pressure on the object being measured is sufficient.

frame click to hear : frame

Horseshoe-shaped part that supports the anvil and a graduated device from which the measurement is read.

anvil click to hear : anvil

Cylindrical part that is attached to the frame of the micrometer to support the object to be measured; the object is placed between the anvil and the spindle.

thimble click to hear : thimble

Graduated cylindrical part that is activated by the finely threaded screw and measures the thickness with precision.

spindle click to hear : spindle

Cylindrical end of the finely threaded screw.

lock nut click to hear : lock nut

Ring-shaped part that locks the finely threaded screw in its final position to preserve the measurement obtained.