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laboratory equipment click to hear : laboratory equipment

These materials are highly varied: measurement instruments, various containers, heat sources, experimentation materials and mounting hardware.
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stand base rod Petri dish holder clamp/holder gas burner

stand click to hear : stand

Unit consisting of a base and a rod; it supports various laboratory apparatuses such as burettes and flasks.

base click to hear : base

Heavy metal pedestal supporting the rod.

rod click to hear : rod

Long metal part to which various laboratory devices can be clamped.

Petri dish click to hear : Petri dish

Flat transparent box for culturing microorganisms; it has a cover to protect them from contamination.

holder click to hear : holder

Part with a screw for attaching a clamp onto the stand’s rod.

clamp/holder click to hear : clamp/holder

Part attached to the stand’s rod by a holder and having tongs that clamp onto the laboratory equipment to hold it in place.

gas burner click to hear : gas burner

Device that is fueled by gas to produce a flame for heating chemical products.