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glassware click to hear : glassware

Drinking receptacles; some are used to measure volume for cooking.
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Alsace glass burgundy glass bordeaux glass white wine glass liqueur glass brandy snifter port glass

Alsace glass click to hear : Alsace glass

Glass with a long stem, usually green, used to serve Alsatian white wines.

burgundy glass click to hear : burgundy glass

Stemmed glass whose wide mouth ensures maximum oxygenation of the wine; it is used mainly for Burgundies.

bordeaux glass click to hear : bordeaux glass

Tulip-shaped stemmed glass, mainly used for Bordeaux; tapering slightly at the top, it concentrates the aroma.

white wine glass click to hear : white wine glass

Somewhat narrow stemmed glass usually used for white wines.

liqueur glass click to hear : liqueur glass

Very small stemmed glass used for drinking liqueurs with a high alcohol content.

brandy snifter click to hear : brandy snifter

Short-stemmed glass whose pear shape allows the cognac to warm up, and whose narrow lip concentrates the aroma.

port glass click to hear : port glass

Small rounded stemmed glass used to serve port and dessert wines.