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seats click to hear : seats

Furniture designed for sitting.
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step chair footstool bar stool bench bean bag chair ottoman banquette

step chair click to hear : step chair

Chair whose foldaway lower part can be pulled out to form a step.

footstool click to hear : footstool

Seat with legs, having neither arms nor back, of various heights.

bar stool click to hear : bar stool

Seat with legs, having neither arms nor back, high enough so that a person can sit at the level of a bar.

bench click to hear : bench

Long narrow unupholstered seat with or without a back, seating several people.

bean bag chair click to hear : bean bag chair

Seat composed of an upholstered bag; it assumes the form of the human body.

ottoman click to hear : ottoman

Low upholstered seat having neither arms nor back.

banquette click to hear : banquette

Bench with an upholstered seat.