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dishwasher click to hear : dishwasher

Appliance designed to automatically wash and dry dishes.
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rack wash tower spray arm overflow protection switch hinge detergent dispenser rinse-aid dispenser gasket cutlery basket leveling foot motor pump drain hose heating element water hose slide tub insulating material

rack click to hear : rack

Grillelike shelf in which the dishes are arranged.

wash tower click to hear : wash tower

Mechanism spraying the dishes with hot water from the center of the appliance.

spray arm click to hear : spray arm

Rotating perforated arm spraying the dishes with hot pressurized water to clean them.

overflow protection switch click to hear : overflow protection switch

Mechanism halting the water feed if the water level exceeds the tub’s capacity.

hinge click to hear : hinge

Articulated fastener allowing the door to be raised and lowered.

detergent dispenser click to hear : detergent dispenser

Device that is activated by the control knob and dispenses the detergent into the tub.

rinse-aid dispenser click to hear : rinse-aid dispenser

Device that is activated by the control knob and dispenses a rinsing agent into the tub.

gasket click to hear : gasket

Rubber seal keeping the door watertight.

cutlery basket click to hear : cutlery basket

Grillelike container in which the cutlery is placed.

leveling foot click to hear : leveling foot

Adjustable part for supporting the appliance and making it level.

motor click to hear : motor

Device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy to drive another device.

pump click to hear : pump

Device routing the water under pressure to the spray arms and evacuating the tub’s wastewater into the drain hose.

drain hose click to hear : drain hose

Flexible pipe through which the dishwasher pump expels wastewater into the dwelling’s drain circuit.

heating element click to hear : heating element

Submerged electric resistor that heats the water and dries the dishes.

water hose click to hear : water hose

Hot-water feed pipe to the dishwasher connected to the dwelling’s plumbing circuit.

slide click to hear : slide

Mechanism supporting the basket and enabling it to slide.

tub click to hear : tub

Durable container in which the dishes are washed and dried.

insulating material click to hear : insulating material

Material lining the dishwasher’s walls in order to reduce heat loss and noise.