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electric dryer click to hear : electric dryer

Appliance for automatically drying laundry.
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backguard drum fan motor safety thermostat heating element leveling foot cabinet door lint trap door switch heating duct control knob control panel vane start switch temperature selector

backguard click to hear : backguard

Vertical part across the back of the dryer on which the appliance’s various controls are found.

drum click to hear : drum

Cylinder whose rotation tumbles the laundry to dry it.

fan click to hear : fan

Device circulating the hot air in the drum.

motor click to hear : motor

Device transforming electric energy into mechanical energy to drive another device.

safety thermostat click to hear : safety thermostat

Device interrupting the current if the heating element temperature is too high.

heating element click to hear : heating element

Electric resistor heating the air before it enters the drum.

leveling foot click to hear : leveling foot

Adjustable part for supporting the appliance and making it level.

cabinet click to hear : cabinet

Enameled sheet-metal case covering and protecting the appliance’s various components.

door click to hear : door

lint trap click to hear : lint trap

Device collecting fiber residue from fabric.

door switch click to hear : door switch

Mechanism stopping the drum’s rotation when the door is opened.

heating duct click to hear : heating duct

Conduit in which air is heated and directed toward the drum.

control knob click to hear : control knob

Device automatically controlling the selected drying cycle.

control panel click to hear : control panel

Panel containing the programming keys.

vane click to hear : vane

Part causing the laundry to tumble while drying.

start switch click to hear : start switch

temperature selector click to hear : temperature selector