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kitchen knife click to hear : kitchen knife

Kitchen knives are used to prepare (cut, slice, bone, trim) food.
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rivet heel guard blade cutting edge point back bolster half handle tang

rivet click to hear : rivet

Short cylindrical bolt that holds the knife handle together.

heel click to hear : heel

Tapered part of the bolster at the bottom end of the blade.

guard click to hear : guard

Metal part, as wide as the blade, separating the blade and the tang.

blade click to hear : blade

Thin flat piece of metal forming the sharp part of a knife.

cutting edge click to hear : cutting edge

Tapered edge of the blade designed for cutting.

point click to hear : point

Front tip of the blade.

back click to hear : back

Blunt side of the blade.

bolster click to hear : bolster

Protruding part that prevents the blade from touching the surface of the table when the knife is laid flat.

half handle click to hear : half handle

One of two pieces of the knife handle, on each side of the tang.

tang click to hear : tang

Part of the blade extending into the handle, by which it is attached.