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examples of spoons click to hear : examples of spoons

There are many different kinds of spoons, each with a specific use.
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tablespoon sundae spoon dessert spoon soup spoon teaspoon coffee spoon

tablespoon click to hear : tablespoon

Spoon used for eating liquid or semiliquid foods; it is part of a basic place setting.

sundae spoon click to hear : sundae spoon

Long-handled spoon used for mixing drinks or eating desserts served in a sundae glass.

dessert spoon click to hear : dessert spoon

Spoon used for eating liquid or semiliquid desserts.

soup spoon click to hear : soup spoon

Largest spoon, with a capacity of 15 mL.

teaspoon click to hear : teaspoon

Somewhat larger spoon, with a capacity of 5 mL.

coffee spoon click to hear : coffee spoon

The smallest utensil in this category, hence sometimes called a small spoon.