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examples of knives click to hear : examples of knives

There are many different kinds of knives, each with a specific use.
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steak knife dinner knife cheese knife fish knife dessert knife butter knife

steak knife click to hear : steak knife

Very sharp knife, often serrated, used to cut firm, often fried, pieces of meat.

dinner knife click to hear : dinner knife

Large all-purpose knife that is part of a basic place setting.

cheese knife click to hear : cheese knife

Its curved, double-pointed tip makes it easier to spear individual pieces of cheese.

fish knife click to hear : fish knife

Wide-bladed knife used to remove bones from a fish served whole.

dessert knife click to hear : dessert knife

Small knife used to cut desserts into bite-sized pieces.

butter knife click to hear : butter knife

Blunt knife set out when bread is served and used for buttering it.