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pressed cheeses click to hear : pressed cheeses

Ripened cheeses that are also cooked and pressed and contain less than 35% moisture; they usually have a firm compact texture and a hard rind.
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Romano Parmesan Gruyère Emmenthal Raclette Jarlsberg

Romano click to hear : Romano

Native to Rome, this dry granular cheese is made from cow, ewe or goat’s milk or a mixture of all three; it is mostly used in grated form.

Parmesan click to hear : Parmesan

Strong-smelling Italian cheese with a grainy texture, sold in rounds or grated; it is a popular flavoring ingredient, especially for pasta dishes.

Gruyère click to hear : Gruyère

Swiss cheese with small holes called "e&eyes"e& and a medium-sweet taste; extensively used in cooking, either as is, grated or melted.

Emmenthal click to hear : Emmenthal

Characterized by large holes, this mild Swiss cheese is very popular in fondues and au gratin dishes.

Raclette click to hear : Raclette

Cheese specifically made to be used in a traditional eponymous dish that originated in the Valais region of Switzerland.

Jarlsberg click to hear : Jarlsberg

Norwegian cheese with large holes that has a characteristic nutty taste.