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blue-veined cheeses click to hear : blue-veined cheeses

Also called "e&blue cheese"e&, it usually has a crumbly texture, is veined with mold and has a pungent peppery taste.
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Gorgonzola Danish Blue Stilton Roquefort

Gorgonzola click to hear : Gorgonzola

Native to Italy and recognizable by its textured gray rind, spotted with red.

Danish Blue click to hear : Danish Blue

Native to Denmark, it has a pungent flavor, a creamy texture and a milk fat content of up to 60%.

Stilton click to hear : Stilton

English cheese with a firm but creamy texture; it is often served with crackers and port.

Roquefort click to hear : Roquefort

The best-known blue cheese, originally from Roquefort, France; it is made from ewe’s milk and goes well with pears, cream and butter.