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for cutting click to hear : for cutting

Appliances used primarily for separating elements into small parts or portions.
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disks food processor motor unit spindle speed selector bowl handle blade lid feed tube pusher

disks click to hear : disks

Blades that can replace the cutting mechanism to grate or mince food.

food processor click to hear : food processor

Electric appliance comprising a motor unit, a blade and a set of disks used for cutting, chopping, slicing, grating, mixing, kneading, etc.

motor unit click to hear : motor unit

Part containing the motor and the various circuits making the appliance work.

spindle click to hear : spindle

Shaft that transmits the motor’s movement to the blade or disks.

speed selector click to hear : speed selector

Device used for controlling the rotation speed of the blade or disks.

bowl click to hear : bowl

Container in which food or ingredients are placed.

handle click to hear : handle

Part used to pick up and move the bowl.

blade click to hear : blade

Propeller blade that mixes or grinds food as it turns.

lid click to hear : lid

Removable part covering the bowl.

feed tube click to hear : feed tube

Conduit in which food is placed.

pusher click to hear : pusher

Device that pushes food into the bowl.