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bulb vegetables click to hear : bulb vegetables

The main edible part of these vegetables is their bulb, the underground structure where the plant’s nutrient reserves are stored.
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scallion water chestnut green onion chive leek

scallion click to hear : scallion

Its bulb is less developed than that of the green onion; the white part is used like the onion and the green is used to season a variety of dishes.

water chestnut click to hear : water chestnut

The aquatic bulb of a Chinese plant; its white crunchy flesh is an important ingredient in many Asian dishes.

green onion click to hear : green onion

Mild onion picked before fully ripe; it is usually sold with the stem, in bunches. It is often eaten raw in salads or cooked in sautéed dishes.

chive click to hear : chive

Smallest member of the onion family; its stem is used primarily to season various hot and cold dishes.

leek click to hear : leek

The white part is the most popular, but the green part adds flavor to puréed soups and stews; it is often combined with potatoes in a cold soup called vichyssoise.