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melons click to hear : melons

Related to squash and cucumbers, these tender fruits are juicy sweet and refreshing; they are primarily consumed raw.
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casaba melon honeydew melon muskmelon cantaloupe

casaba melon click to hear : casaba melon

The flavor of its creamy white flesh, often less fragrant than that of other melons, can be enhanced with lemon or lime juice.

honeydew melon click to hear : honeydew melon

Owes its name to its very sweet, green flesh; its smooth firm rind turns creamy-yellow as it ripens.

muskmelon click to hear : muskmelon

Named for the characteristic musky smell of its flesh; it has a textured rind and its flavorful flesh is pink or orange.

cantaloupe click to hear : cantaloupe

This orange-fleshed melon is characterized by its patterned textured ribs; the most widely cultivated variety is the charentais.