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inflorescent vegetables click to hear : inflorescent vegetables

The flowers or flower buds of edible plants eaten as vegetables.
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Gai-lohn broccoli rabe artichoke cauliflower broccoli

Gai-lohn click to hear : Gai-lohn

Also called Chinese broccoli, its delicately flavored leaves and stems can be eaten raw or cooked, prepared in the same manner as broccoli.

broccoli rabe click to hear : broccoli rabe

Its slightly bitter stems, leaves and flowers can all be eaten, prepared like broccoli.

artichoke click to hear : artichoke

Especially valued for its soft fleshy heart, it is often served with a dipping sauce; the leaves surrounding the heart can also be eaten.

cauliflower click to hear : cauliflower

The head, composed of immature buds, is either white or purple; it is eaten raw or cooked.

broccoli click to hear : broccoli

Native to Italy, it is often green and occasionally white or purple; it is chosen primarily for its flower buds but the stem and leaves are also eaten.