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citrus fruits click to hear : citrus fruits

Somewhat acidic fruits with a high vitamin C content comprising numerous sections and covered with a rind that has an external layer called zest.
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lime bergamot kumquat lemon mandarin

lime click to hear : lime

Intensely fragrant and used like the lemon; it is an essential ingredient in ceviche, a raw marinated fish dish.

bergamot click to hear : bergamot

Because its greenish flesh is inedible, it is primarily used for the zest and essential oil derived from its rind, especially in Earl Grey tea.

kumquat click to hear : kumquat

Small citrus fruit, 2 to 5 cm long with a sweet tender rind that can be eaten unpeeled; its flavor is enhanced through light steeping.

lemon click to hear : lemon

Highly acidic, it is especially used to flavor various recipes and enhance the flavor of certain foods; it is the main ingredient in lemonade.

mandarin click to hear : mandarin

Similar to a small, slightly flattened orange, it is less acidic than most citrus fruits and is often eaten as is; it peels easily.