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farmstead click to hear : farmstead

All the structures belonging to an agricultural concern and used as dwellings or in its operation.
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vegetable garden hen house farmyard hive fruit tree sheep shelter greenhouse orchard enclosure pigsty bunker silo tower silo cowshed dairy meadow fodder corn farmhouse ornamental tree machinery shed barn hayloft fence permanent pasture fallow

vegetable garden click to hear : vegetable garden

Land where edible plants are grown to feed the household.

hen house click to hear : hen house

Building where poultry are housed; a distinction is often made between laying units and fattening units.

farmyard click to hear : farmyard

Open area around which the farm buildings are situated.

hive click to hear : hive

Shelter constructed to house a bee colony that produces honey and pollinates fruit trees.

fruit tree click to hear : fruit tree

Tree that bears edible fruit, usually intended for human consumption.

sheep shelter click to hear : sheep shelter

Building where ovines (rams and ewes) are housed; these sheep are raised mainly for their meat and wool, and sometimes for their milk.

greenhouse click to hear : greenhouse

Structure with translucent walls where vegetables are grown under controlled conditions that promote their growth.

orchard click to hear : orchard

Land planted with fruit trees.

enclosure click to hear : enclosure

Fenced-in space where animals can move about.

pigsty click to hear : pigsty

Building used to house pigs, usually raised to be slaughtered.

bunker silo click to hear : bunker silo

Long flat structure used to store silage; filling it requires no specialized equipment.

tower silo click to hear : tower silo

Cylindrical structure used to store silage; it is always filled from the top, using a specially constructed apparatus.

cowshed click to hear : cowshed

Building where bovines are housed; the animals are often separated by age or type (raised for meat or for milk).

dairy click to hear : dairy

Room where milk is stored and refrigerated before it is collected; it is also the place where milk is converted into butter and other by-products.

meadow click to hear : meadow

Ground covered in grass, which the farmer mows to produce fodder (hay, alfalfa, etc.) for cattle.

fodder corn click to hear : fodder corn

Variety of corn used as cattle feed.

farmhouse click to hear : farmhouse

House where the farmer and the farmer’s family live.

ornamental tree click to hear : ornamental tree

Tree planted for decorative purposes.

machinery shed click to hear : machinery shed

Building usually meant to house farm machinery.

barn click to hear : barn

Building used mainly to store harvested crops, straw and hay.

hayloft click to hear : hayloft

Part of the barn, often the equivalent of an attic, where hay is stored to protect it from bad weather.

fence click to hear : fence

Wooden or metal barrier used to delimit a section of land so it can be used for a particular purpose.

permanent pasture click to hear : permanent pasture

Fenced-in grassy tract of land set aside for cattle to graze on.

fallow click to hear : fallow

Arable land temporarily left unsown to allow the soil to replenish its reserves.