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hive click to hear : hive

Shelter constructed to house a bee colony that produces honey and pollinates fruit trees.
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entrance slide entrance alighting board hive body roof frame super roof exit cone

entrance slide click to hear : entrance slide

Movable wooden slat for decreasing or enlarging the size of the entrance, mainly to prevent small animals from entering the hive.

entrance click to hear : entrance

Opening of the hive allowing the bees to enter and exit.

alighting board click to hear : alighting board

Edge of the hive allowing the bees to land and take off.

hive body click to hear : hive body

Main portion of the hive enclosing the brood chamber.

roof click to hear : roof

Top of the hive providing protection.

frame click to hear : frame

Wax-coated removable wooden frame; it is used as a foundation for building combs.

super click to hear : super

Removable container used to collect the surplus honey reserves.

roof click to hear : roof

Movable outer covering of the hive, forming its roof and frame.

exit cone click to hear : exit cone

Opening through which bees exit the hive, but never enter it.