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insects and arachnids image

insects and arachnids
Highly diversified grouping of all animal invertebrates, (over 1 million species of insects and 50,000 species of arachnids); they are more numerous than all other animal or plant species.

examples of insects image

examples of insects
Insects: invertebrates with bodies divided into three parts; they usually have three pairs of legs, two pairs of wings and antennae.

examples of arachnids image

examples of arachnids
Arachnids: invertebrates usually with four pairs of legs and two pairs of appendages attached to their heads.

butterfly image

Adult insect having two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs; it emerges after the first three stages of metamorphosis: the egg, the caterpillar and the chrysalis.

honeybee image

Insect living in a highly complex social order; it instinctively produces honey as a food reserve.

spider image

Articulated arachnid with fangs and silk-producing glands; it ranges in size from a fraction of a millimeter to about 20 cm.