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caterpillar click to hear : caterpillar

Butterfly larva having a long body and 10 feet; the intermediary stage between the egg and the chrysalis.
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anal clasper abdominal segment thorax proleg walking leg mandible simple eye head

anal clasper click to hear : anal clasper

Last of five pairs of prolegs; it is located at the terminal part of the caterpillar’s body.

abdominal segment click to hear : abdominal segment

Ring forming the caterpillar’s abdomen.

thorax click to hear : thorax

Part of the caterpillar’s body divided into three segments; the walking legs are attached to it.

proleg click to hear : proleg

Adhesive disk located below the abdomen that disappears in the adult stage; the caterpillar usually has five pairs, including the anal claspers.

walking leg click to hear : walking leg

Articulated member having a motor function; it remains in the adult stage. The caterpillar has three pairs.

mandible click to hear : mandible

Mouthlike part enabling the insect to grasp and grind its food.

simple eye click to hear : simple eye

Organ of vision formed of a single facet that captures variations in luminosity and allows the caterpillar to orient itself.

head click to hear : head

Anterior portion of the body of the caterpillar containing the main sensory organs.