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honeycomb section click to hear : honeycomb section

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honey cell pollen cell sealed cell egg queen cell larva pupa

honey cell click to hear : honey cell

Cell in which workers store the honey they produced as larva food and winter reserves.

pollen cell click to hear : pollen cell

Cell in which workers store the pollen used to feed the colony.

sealed cell click to hear : sealed cell

Sealed with a wax cover, it might contain a pupa, honey or pollen.

egg click to hear : egg

Reproductive method of certain animals: living cell with a casing and a food reserve, laid by the queen bee.

queen cell click to hear : queen cell

Large cell for the egg that will become the new queen.

larva click to hear : larva

Intermediary stage between the egg and the pupa.

pupa click to hear : pupa

Intermediary stage between the larva and the adult bee, lasting between four and 10 days.