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examples of ungulate mammals click to hear : examples of ungulate mammals

There are many species of ungulate mammals; some are wild, some are domesticated and some are both.
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pig wild boar peccary sheep goat

pig click to hear : pig

Domestic omnivororous ungulate raised mainly for its meat and its hide.

wild boar click to hear : wild boar

Wild ungulate found in forests and marshes with sharp canines that it uses to defend itself; it is hunted for its hide.

peccary click to hear : peccary

Wild ungulate found in the forests of the Americas having a dorsal gland that emits a nauseous secretion; it is prized for its hide.

sheep click to hear : sheep

Ungulate ruminant covered with a thick wooly coat domesticated for its milk, meat and wool.

goat click to hear : goat

Ungulate ruminant with hollow horns able to jump and climb; it is domesticated for its milk and meat.