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examples of ungulate mammals click to hear : examples of ungulate mammals

There are many species of ungulate mammals; some are wild, some are domesticated and some are both.
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mouflon antelope caribou wapiti white-tailed deer

mouflon click to hear : mouflon

Extremely agile ungulate ruminant found in the wild in mountainous regions.

antelope click to hear : antelope

Ungulate ruminant with hollow horns found throughout Africa and Asia; it runs very fast and is prized for its meat and hide.

caribou click to hear : caribou

Ungulate ruminant found in cold regions of the Northern hemisphere; it is raised in captivity by some peoples for its meat, hide and milk, and as a draft animal.

wapiti click to hear : wapiti

Wild ungulate ruminant of Canada; a good swimmer and runner, it is prized for its meat and antlers and is sometimes raised in captivity.

white-tailed deer click to hear : white-tailed deer

Wild ungulate ruminant of North America; it runs very fast and is highly prized as game.