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examples of ungulate mammals click to hear : examples of ungulate mammals

There are many species of ungulate mammals; some are wild, some are domesticated and some are both.
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zebra llama okapi mule ass

zebra click to hear : zebra

Maned ungulate that runs very fast; it is found in herds in the forests and steppes of Africa.

llama click to hear : llama

Ungulate ruminant found in the mountains of South America; it can be wild or domesticated and is highly prized for its wool.

okapi click to hear : okapi

Ungulate ruminant of Africa with an extensible and prehensile tongue; only the male has small horns.

mule click to hear : mule

Sterile male, a cross between an ass and a mare (female of the horse); it is very hardy and can carry heavy loads.

ass click to hear : ass

Wild maned ungulate originally from Africa domesticated as a pack animal.