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examples of ungulate mammals click to hear : examples of ungulate mammals

There are many species of ungulate mammals; some are wild, some are domesticated and some are both.
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dromedary camel bactrian camel moose horse

dromedary camel click to hear : dromedary camel

Single-humped ruminant ungulate of Africa adapted to arid climates; it is used especially as a pack animal and for riding.

bactrian camel click to hear : bactrian camel

Two-humped ruminant ungulate of Asia adapted to arid climates; it is domesticated especially for its meat, milk and hide, and as a pack animal.

moose click to hear : moose

Ruminant ungulate found in the cold regions of the Northern hemisphere with wide hooves that allow it to wade through marshes and ponds.

horse click to hear : horse

Maned ungulate mammal domesticated for riding and for use as a draft animal.