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mushrooms click to hear : mushrooms

Vegetable that grows in damp cool places; its edible varieties are served as condiments or as an ingredient in a variety of foods.
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enoki mushroom edible boletus green russula delicious lactarius royal agaric morel

enoki mushroom click to hear : enoki mushroom

Long-stemmed, soft-fleshed resistant mushroom very popular in Asia; it is eaten raw, in salads, or cooked, in soups and Oriental dishes.

edible boletus click to hear : edible boletus

Squat, it can grow up to 25 cm in height and diameter; it is usually cooked in oil, braised or served in an omelette.

green russula click to hear : green russula

Its white brittle flesh has an aroma of hazelnut; it can be eaten raw or cooked, preferably grilled.

delicious lactarius click to hear : delicious lactarius

Secretes an orange milk when broken open; it is used primarily in spicy sauces, especially in Spain and the south of France.

royal agaric click to hear : royal agaric

Equally flavorful raw or cooked, it has been famous since ancient times; it is not to be confused with the poisonous fly agaric, which it resembles.

morel click to hear : morel

The darker the specimen, the more flavorful its thin fragrant flesh; it should be thoroughly cooked to eliminate toxic substances.