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berries click to hear : berries

Small fleshy fruits containing one or several usually edible seeds; when they grow together in clusters, each fruit is called a seed.
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bilberry red whortleberry blueberry gooseberry grape currant black currant

bilberry click to hear : bilberry

Although not related to it, this berry of Europe and Asia resembles the blueberry and is used like it.

red whortleberry click to hear : red whortleberry

Closely related to the cranberry, this small tart berry is somewhat bitter and rarely eaten raw; it is used instead to make sauces, jams and desserts.

blueberry click to hear : blueberry

Little known outside its native North America, it is primarily eaten plain or in desserts; the lowbush variety is the sweetest.

gooseberry click to hear : gooseberry

Larger than the clustered berries, it is especially popular in Europe; the British use it to make a chutney that is served with mackerel.

grape click to hear : grape

This variously colored fruit of the vine is enjoyed worldwide, either plain, cooked, dried or in juice; it is also the main ingredient in wine.

currant click to hear : currant

Small red or white currant primarily eaten cooked due to its sour taste; its juice can replace vinegar in salad dressing.

black currant click to hear : black currant

Black berry primarily used to make coulis, jellies, wine and liqueurs such as crème de cassis, an ingredient in kir.