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fats and oils click to hear : fats and oils

Animal or vegetable fatty acids in solid or liquid form generally used to cook, flavor, thicken or preserve foods.
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sesame oil corn oil peanut oil sunflower-seed oil olive oil

sesame oil click to hear : sesame oil

Very popular in Asian cooking and characterized by its rich delicate toasted-nut flavor; it is not well suited to high temperatures.

corn oil click to hear : corn oil

Has relatively little flavor or odor; one of the most ubiquitous oils, used for cooking, frying and seasoning foods.

peanut oil click to hear : peanut oil

Heat-resistant, mild-tasting oil equally well suited to frying and to dressing salads.

sunflower-seed oil click to hear : sunflower-seed oil

This delicately flavored oil is the main ingredient in margarine and dressings; it is also used for frying sweet foods.

olive oil click to hear : olive oil

This extract derived from olive pulp is essential to Mediterranean cooking, both for preparing and seasoning recipes.