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seaweed click to hear : seaweed

Usually aquatic vegetables used in cooking or as dietary supplements; they are primarily produced and eaten by the Japanese.
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spirulina Irish moss kombu arame wakame

spirulina click to hear : spirulina

Microscopic freshwater alga, rich in nutrients (protein, iron, magnesium); it is used mainly as a dietary supplement.

Irish moss click to hear : Irish moss

Plentiful in the North Atlantic, it can only be eaten cooked; also produces carrageen, a substance used to thicken certain dishes.

kombu click to hear : kombu

Eaten since ancient times, it is sold in large blackish strips; it is used primarily as an ingredient in broth or to make a kind of tea.

arame click to hear : arame

Milder and less crunchy than hijiki, it is used mainly in salads and soups or served fried as a side vegetable.

wakame click to hear : wakame

Popular with the Japanese, it is rich in calcium and has a delicate texture and flavor; among its many uses, it is a often served with legume dishes.